The history of skateboarding and its importance

The sport is being molded and we believe that doing the right thing now will lead to a bright future for the sport. The flat ground ollie allowed skateboarders to perform tricks in mid-air without any more equipment than the skateboard itself, it has formed the basis of many street skating tricks.

The s The s Rodney Mullen was one of the first riders who transferred the Ollie for different maneuvers onto the streets and spread a new style of skateboarding. By the end of the s, skateboarding again became controversial after it became identified antisocial behavior.

The s The s By the early s, surfing can be traced as the source of skateboarding. Many women use their participation in skate crews to perform an alternative form of femininity.

Shapes changed, boards became wider, got more concave and they featured nose and tail. By a variety of sources began to claim that skateboarding was dangerous, resulting in shops being reluctant to sell them, and parents being reluctant to buy them. Five years later, inthere was a renewed interest in skateboards when wheels made of polyurethane were introduced.

The increasing availability of technology is apparent within the skateboarding community. Nike, an established mainstream brand wanted to break into skateboarding, and has wildly succeeded; Airwalk wanted to climb out of its niche market, and it has also succeeded, but at a price.

The ollie was adapted to flat ground by Rodney Mullen in Severe injuries are relatively rare. The wheels are made of an extremely hard polyurethanewith hardness durometer approximately 99A.

In response, vert skaters started making their own ramps, while freestyle skaters continued to evolve their flatland style. Also, teens may encourage their friends they know from family, school, etc. With the evolution of skateparks and ramp skating, the skateboard began to change.

From the s From the s to now In the early s, skateboarding went through a further depth phase due to the increase in various trend sports. Most professional skateboarders today have their own signature skateboard decks, with their favorite artistic designs printed on them using computer graphics.

During this era, the "freestyle" movement in skateboarding began to splinter off and develop into a much more specialized discipline, characterized by the development of a wide assortment of flat-ground tricks. A banana board is a skinny, flexible skateboard made of polypropylene with ribs on the underside for structural support.

A single person rides the skateboard, guiding the movement with his feet. The ban led skateboarders to construct ramps in the forest and other secluded areas to avoid the police. While the main event was won by freestyle spinning skate legend Russ Howell[30] [31] a local skate team from Santa Monica, California, the Zephyr team, ushered in a new era of surfer style skateboarding during the competition that would have a lasting impact on skateboarding's history.

Skate shoe See also: The mold creates the nose, concave, and tail of each skateboard.Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard, as well as a recreational activity, an art form, a entertainment industry job, and a method of transportation.

Skateboarding has been shaped and influenced by many skateboarders throughout the years. A report found that the skateboarding market is worth an estimated $ billion in annual Olympic: Yes, starting in the Olympics. The history of skateboarding from its first appearance in the 's to the present day.

The first skateboards were actually more like scooters, with the undercarriage consisting of rollerskate wheels attached to a two by four.


A Brief History of Skateboarding From an Obscure California Activity to the Mainstream. Share Flipboard Email Print Carol Yepes/Getty Images Sports. Skateboarding As the '70s closed, skateboarding faced its second crash in popularity.

Public skate parks had been built, but with skateboarding being such a dangerous activity, insurance rates.

The Importance of Skateboarding

The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding [Michael Brooke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Traces the development of the sport and its equipment, and includes profiles and photographs of top-notch skaters through the years/5(23).


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There is no history in Skateboarding—its being made now—by you. The sport is being molded and we believe that doing the right thing now will lead to a bright future for the sport.

Already, there are storm clouds on the horizon with opponents of the sport talking about ban and cheri197.comc: Yes, starting in the Olympics.

The history of skateboarding and its importance
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