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Though possessing unique characteristics, those musical expressions grouped together have many things in common. Hallyu is the word that means Korean wave. They had a low level of exposure to radio but their consciousness of its Cebu local rock music airplay was positive.

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What has impacted music more: How it dif fers from other academic disciplines. Retrieved December 1, from http: However, there are still teenagers who always listening to OPM songs in their playlist and some are rarely listening to OPM songs in their playlist.

The researchers discovered that the respondents preferred non-ethnic related music especially popular music.

The Diversity of Philippine Music Cultures

Popular music pertains to a kind of music that is produced for a broader audience. The respondents exposure to foreign music was determined by the number of hours spent listening to FM stations while the respondents attitude was measured by four OPM-related statements.

Pinoy artists: Preference for foreign music hurting OPM

Seoul, Korea Malm, W. How does music affect development in children? Ang and Yeoh organized this by preparing ten selection of ethnic-based Malaysian music and twenty selection of non ethnic related music consisting of ten popular music selections and ten western art music selections were used.

According to Malmthere are explanations about the behavior observed with regards to the preference of Filipino youth. Preference for foreign music hurting OPM Published Teenagers are fond of listening to different songs.

Wadsworth Publishing Company, Inc. Foreign music is the music that is originally from outside the country made by foreign artists. Part of the Korean wave is their overwhelming success not just in music but as well as in South Korean dramas and movies.

However, in general, and that a cultural psychology, j. After that, the researchers will analyze the data in the survey questionnaires and will discuss the results.

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The effectiveness of high-level features in general, relative to low-level signal-processing based features, is also demonstrated through an experiment involving automatic genre classification. Regarding this, the researchers will seek to know whether factors like rhythm and music composition of Korean Popular Music really affect the Pinoy teenagers’ preference towards Original Pilipino Music In addition, the researchers want to distinguish the respondents (female residents of the University of the Philippines Cebu College Dormitory and other chosen students in UPVCC) view toward Korean Pop.

research paper. The advantages were first it makes teenagers have “According to some Filipino artist, KPOP invasion is a huge threat to Original Pinoy Music industry. Instead of patronizing what is ours, we patronize foreign made albums and artists.” (Kanalou. "Original Pinoy Music Research Paper" Essays and Research Papers Original Pinoy Music Research Paper Music Affects Mood Mary Beth Kelly Music Professor Cloer April, Music is any form.

Music research paper topics are highly different in different in different courses and universities as music is universal and nothing specific in term of research boundary can be defined. Research paper on music is always written under close support and supervision of concerned teacher or supervisor.

A Research Paper On Teenage Music Genre: OPM or Foreign In Partial Fulfillment Of the requirements for English 10 Local music is what we call OPM or Original Pinoy Music that are being sung by our local artist.

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On the other hand, the music from other country includes Asian music, American music, and European music.

Original pinoy music research paper
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