Electioneering songs and party politics in

At the rallies held across the local government councils and the three senatorial constituencies in the Sunshine State, musicians engaged in a battle of wit as each dished out songs to canvass votes for the candidate who engaged their services.

Whatever message to be set into music must have common objectives of attracting positive reaction and which will work with the people for the upliftment and good of the citizenry information must be of relevance to the genuine, development and also involve social participation.

Arts Class,pp. It provides a forum to mirror the society so that members could understand things better and learn more about life. Music has been tested and wholesomely discovered by people to have the power to educate the people on current burning issues on national policies.

The ineluctable power of music engenders a natural response of the human soul and body which is dance. Yorke wrote "Airbag" about the illusion of safety offered by modern transit, and "the idea that whenever you go out on the road you could be killed.

It would be betray scholarship intelligence to overlook the use of music as a form of protest or a way of accompanying political movements. Yoruba traditional music consists of both instrumental and vocal music. This is done under the auspices of conventional artistic immunity, which implies that artistes cannot be arrested, detained or punished for taking part in a live performance of satirical music or drama.

Music possesses a unique power to inspire, motivate and energize a campaign. The practice continued until when the Lyttleton Constitution replaced indirect election with direct election as the means of choosing members of the Federal House of Representatives.

Ayuba sang that with the feats of the governor in his first term, he would take the state to another level when re-elected. If music is used as a cross-fertilization of ideas through the medium of television or radio, then the electioneering campaign will be made easy to reach the teeming population who are willing to hear what each political party need to deliver to deliver to electorate What the people hear or listen must have a communicative power and this is one of the reasons politicians had used music to their advantages.

It has been closely knitted with lots of social activities such as sporting activities, mass media, to mark ritual activities, like weddings or funerals and most importantly, for entertainment and artistic enjoyment. Music is a stable cultural trait and therefore provides a useful basis for determining the diffusion of other cultural traits.

This, they were able to achieve through various ethnic songs, music and dances. Fela was invariably reenacting the subversive professional oral historian of ancient times, with the burden of delivering his art uncorrupted by material lure. The above song is translated thus: At the rallies held across the local government councils and the three senatorial constituencies in the Sunshine State, musicians engaged in a battle of wit as each dished out songs to canvass votes for the candidate who engaged their services.

In the traditional Yoruba society, songs and music occupied a unique place in the preparation, mobilization and prosecution of war. The rest of the country including the North was left in political darkness untilwhen the Richard Constitution provided for a Legislative Council that would legislate for the whole country.

Here was a man known as a career and disciplined soldier turned into a politician who is now engaged in the use of all forms of theatrical gimmicks, including dancing, singing, clapping and gesticulations in order to win not only admiration but also the support of the crowd.

In attempt to educate the people, music should be used to get something done and equally used in controlling behavior, thought and character. NDC then organised some form of a celebration over the ruling but the fact that it came after almost a year due to the adjudication, took the shine out of it.

This situation reflected in the outcome of the election, which ushered in the independence constitution of Music is also a powerful force for political mobilization which can also result into violence due to the textual ability of the songs.

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The origin of Nigerian modern music which has been traced to Islamic and European contact.The scope of this paper is to look into the introduction of music to the adopted political system and the yorubaland in the south western part of Nigeria specifically, effect of songs on the electioneering and campaign process, role of musicians in party politics, songs as a social phenomenon, songs and political violence This paper.

Whether you're frantically counting electoral college votes, throwing an election night party or working, like we at IBTimes will be doing, you don't have to sit in silence. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Christian Songs as Political Songs: A Feature of Ghana’s 4th Republican Electioneering Campaigns | The notion that religion and politics are interrelated is well.

The Birth of Modern Politics: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and parades, songs [End Page ] and symbols” that a gaggle of early republic historians am not sure how useful it is to say that “campaigning outweighed issues” and that the major theme of was “electioneering itself,” yet to celebrate the results as.

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The role of music in the Meghalaya’s society and culture is well-documented and celebrated; from the dying folk and community music traditions to.

Election Day playlist: 10 songs about voting, democracy and the end of political ads Outkast performs during the Mad Decent Block Party at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre on August 22, in.

Electioneering songs and party politics in
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